5 secrets to a lower water bill

I’m going to share with you 5 plumber secrets that utility companies don’t want you to know. It will help conserve water, and save you money!

By ricardo

With utility prices on the rise, and an imminent drought on our hands, it’s probably a good idea to start conserving. Water, believe it or not, is a precious resource. One we cannot afford to waste out here in southern California. Yes, we’ve got the best weather, but you better be ready to shell out some serious cash for it! 

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you 5 industry secrets to lowering your water bill. Maybe you already know them, but maybe not. At the end of the day, I’m hoping this article will help guide you towards more efficient water usage. Jumping right into it at number five:


Leaks can really break the bank when it comes to residential, commercial and really any kind of plumbing anywhere! 

Ever wonder what that ancient clock-looking thing buried out front of your house under the plastic or cement-lid thing is? Its called a Water meter and as you guessed.. Its used to measure water usage; this is how the city calculates how much you will be charged for the month. You might have known all of this… But did you know this is also a good way to find water leaks? 

The miniature dial somewhere on the face of the meter is used to indicate small traces of leaking water (though some meters don’t have this or are the modern digital-kind that just indicate numbers) in which case you can take a picture of the reading and come back in an hour or so without using any water or turning on any fixtures in your house. If, after returning to the meter; the number went up or you see the large dial has moved forward a bit; you have a water leak. We recommend contacting a local plumber to trouble shoot it for you if you don’t know where the leak is located.A one-time fee far beats having a consistent leak that raises your water bill.


A relatively easy one, and home-owner friendly. Simply changing out your faucets or (even cheaper) your aerators; can save up to 55% of faucets total water usage. And don’t worry; we know what your thinking; I cant wash my hands with a measly trickle of water!.. Well good news modern aerators work to add oxygen to the water in a way that spreads the stream more thoroughly and provides you the same (if not better) consistent and stream of water flow. 

And even easier you can find them at your local hardware store, if you have any questions about what model or size to use in your case simply ask an employee and they will help guide you in the right direction. This one couldn’t be more straightforward and is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to water-conservation. You’re welcome. 


A lot of people are turned off when they hear this; and naturally so, since this is about your hygiene and few things could be more important. However many of these opinions are misplaced as a good and efficient shower-head can get you the same cleaning power and steady stream of water as an average one; and even better there is a wide-variety to select from and were sure you’ll find something that will fit your needs! 

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Now this one could actually be number one; but we reserved that top spot for… well you’ll see, its definitely a worthy mention! As far as toilets go though; many people are surprised to find they account for about a third of your homes total water usage! That’s right all water combined gallon-for-gallon a standard toilet will in general waste more water than your dishwasher, shower, bathtub and washing machine! 

Now here is the part that will truly show on your water bill, and its usually a home-owner friendly project in most cases. First; lift up the lid to your toilet tank ( that’s the top part of the toilet that has all the water in it) if you see a flapper (the little plastic-rubbery piece of material that looks like a little half-plastic-ball leading up from the bottom of the base of the tank; your in luck. Go to your nearest hardware store and pickup a universal water-saving fill and flush valve; an employee should be able to point you in the right direction. 

If however you see a cylinder or another arrangement that does not have a round-central opening in the middle of the tank; you may not be able to upgrade to a water saving valve; contact a local plumber and have them give you suggestions of the best way to save water in your case. (Happily; most toilets have flappers and can be upgraded) 



Well were sorry to work you up all the way here to hear that! But hey; truth hurts! When it comes to water usage, here in Southern California we are known for splurging a bit! But all hope isn’t lost. As a matter-of-fact there are many simple suggestions you can follow to save you a pretty penny!

Here are a few extra tips that will help you save money over time:

1. Turn the faucet off as you brush your teeth. You’d be surprised how many gallons all that water adds up to all together. 

2. Take shorter showers. Nothing feels better than a nice steamy shower after a long, hard day of work; and lets be honest you deserve it! But could you cut just a couple of minutes from your usual shower length? Studies show the average water-usage in the a U. S. home is 17.2 gallons per shower and lasts 8.2 minutes (We know you stay longer than that, can’t lie to us!). 

3. If your a plant-enthusiastic and have one of those perfect-looking lush-green lawns; that’s totally fine, and have you thought of installing some timed sprinklers or an irrigation system? If you water plants or wash your car(frowned upon here in Riverside county) could you do it in the early morning Or late evening when the sun wont be absorbing and evaporating half of the water into the atmosphere? Definitely worth thinking about! 

Well those are our tips for the top five ways to conserve water and remember there are many, many things you can do to save water; the environment will thank you and so will your wallet!  

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